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  • Branden Chhuor Yelp Reviews

    Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business’s overall star rating according to Yelp, however, Branden does not advertise on Yelp and therefore Yelp has a reputation of being slightly biased on their public review choices.  We feel obligated to report all the reviews.

    Jason Towe J.Brandon is a five-star chores. He acts both as my financial advisor and my realtor. It is not too often you can have someone that can do all that. The good thing is he’s aggressive yet very tactful in decisions.

    If you live in orange county I look into your soul your house or purchase a new one his CPA background is extremely helpful I have to seriously recommend this guy .

    Ask yourself this question before choosing a realtor , how is this person qualified for being a realtor in one of the most expensive areas in the world. Was that realtor successful in that era we went to the financial crisis or are they successful now?


    I am new to Yelp but not new to real estate.  branden is in a league of his own when it comes to knowledge and customer service.  I have utilized his cap backed investment suggestions two times and I have been delighted.  I would highly suggest that if your looking for a property at any stage, that you let a real educated pro, not just a realtor, help you in this huge financial decision.


    If your looking for a good real estate agent you need him. More concerned about you finding the right property . We highly recommend you consider him as your adviser and real estate agent…5 stars all the way! Really really amazing!!!!


    Branden is a class act and really knows his stuff.  He gave me around and credible advice.  It doesn’t hurt that he is a CPA as well.  I would highly recommend this professional property for sale expert.


    Property for Sale Expert – I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Branden Chhuor from EverGreen Realty.  As a fellow broker I was very impressed with his overall command of the financial aspect of purchasing a home because of his extensive CPA background.  I would highly recommend.