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HomePress and her team’s full-service support allows her business to operate like a boutique firm within a large company. Offering professional floor plans, site plans, surveys, video tours, extensive property brochures both print and interactive, and various social media outlets.


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Rudy Tapia, Real Estate Capital Adviser/ Real Estate Investor

I strongly recommend, if you have the opportunity to work with Brandon Chhour, for your Real-Estate needs do so for your-shake . I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Brandon on two large Real-Estate deals this year and I can not say enough about his market insight and knowledge coupled with his great care and attention to detail, the Ultimate professional!

Also, his demeanor ,personality ,rational nature and sense of humor further adds to the pleasure it has been to work with him and I look forward to continue to work with him.

Best regards, Rudy Tapia

Travis Chapa

There is no shortage of real estate agents in Los Angeles. It seems that everyone and their sister does real estate as a side hustle. My wife and I had two real estate agents before going to Branden, and both of them were clearly only half invested in our home search. That’s one thing that seperates Branden from the rest; Branden’s sole priority is real estate. You can tell from his track record and current development deals, that Branden is fully focused on his craft. As first time home buyers, Branden is the kind of professional me and my wife needed to navigate the difficult housing market of Los Angeles

What truly sets Branden apart is not his knowledge of area prices, predictions of economic trends, or negotiation power. It’s the attention to his relationship with the client. Even the two amatures we tried before Branden could fake the economic stuff. But interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are qualities that can’t be learned over-night from Google. Branden’s social acumen has been developed through years of experience with dozens if not a hundred clients. He knows exactly how to tell a pregnant woman (my wife) disappointing news from the sellers, or crack a joke to lighten the mood if husband and wife are in disagreement. Most important, Branden has an incredible turn around time when it comes to e-mails. (Even when he was out of town for a family matter, he still responded to our messages promptly.) These may not seem like important points to the uninitiated, but when you’re at wits end during the house hunt, these little moments go a long way in keeping your sanity.

Overall, Branden is focused on clients, talented at closing deals, and always has a smile. Don’t hesitate to make Branden Chhuor your real estate agent.

Christopher Huang, Senior Financial Services Advisory Associate
Manager at ColdHawk Inc.

Branden was helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of the home purchase process, especially during negotiations and financing. Branden is a highly effective leader of his team, which resulted in questions being answered in a polished and timely manner. Branden is also well connected within the industry and provided several reliable and trustworthy contacts for purposes such as home inspection and plumbing. I was very satisfied with his service and would work with him again future.

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