Reasons to Hire a Realtor

I hear it all the time from friends and people whom I’ve met.

Branden Chhour
Realtor / CPA

  2. “The realtor doesn’t do anything. They just show me the house that I FOUND ON MY OWN and then gets paid.”
  3. “I’ll just use the listing agent as my realtor”

I am sure that you are saying the same and agreeing to those statements if you have never bought a home before. For those of you own a home or property, you might have had this preconceived notion as well.

Let me explain why anybody should care about real estate sales being handled by realtors.



There are real estate agents and there are realtors. Both are licensed to handle real estate transactions. However, REALTORS are members of the National Association of Realtors. They are held to follow the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. According to NAR, there are 17 articles in the Code of Ethics and they are strictly enforced.

If it is your first time buying a home, I would recommend utilizing a realtor to help you with the process. There’s an agency relationship, where the realtor has a fiduciary duty to look after the seller’s or buyer’s best interest. Realtors can save you time by doing most of the leg work, save you money during negotiations, and stress by handling all the phone calls. A good realtor essentially acts like a buffer between you and the other party.

Sure, Redfin and other real estate search websites are great. But they lack those intangibles listed above that a realtor offers to their clients. In addition, data on those sites are usually not up to date. Realtors on the other hand can provide the most up to date reliable data. They can offer in depth analysis straight from MLS – Data such as the average per square foot cost of similar homes, median and average sales prices, average days on market and ratios of list-to-sold prices that are more accurate than what you find from those websites.


  1. “The realtor doesn’t do anything. They just show me the house that I FOUND ON MY OWN and then gets paid.”

A realtor does more than just show houses for their clients. Realtors are resources for the clients to use because they usually have a good understanding of the neighborhood. They also will likely have a vast network of lawyers, contractors, attorneys, termite inspector, home inspector, and plumbers at the client’s disposal.

Realtors can identify comparable sales and hand these facts to the client to make sure they are not overpaying or underselling. For example, you may know that a home down the street was on the market for $350,000, but a realtor will know if it had upgrades and sold at $285,000 after 65 days on the market and after twice falling out of escrow. There’s a lot of administrative paper work in the background that a client does not see.


  1. “I’ll just use the listing agent as my realtor”

I know many potential buyers say they rather buy the house directly with the listing agent in hopes of getting a “better” deal. I would advise against this strategy if I was speaking to a buyer because it is like going to court where the plaintiff and the defendant shares attorney. If the opposing parties never share attorney in court, why would buyers and sellers share the same realtor? At the end of the day if a Realtor represents both buyer and seller, they will always side with the seller.

Speaking from my own experience, I would like to end this by saying if you have never bought a property before, I would recommend you hiring a Realtor like myself to help you facilitate the process. I have friends who are real estate investors, and they would use my service to help them administer transactions.


If you are interested in making a real estate purchase or a sale in Los Angeles County and Orange County, please reach out to me for consultation.

property for sale orange county

OC Housing News


OC Home rates are up 6.4 % in September and also Property for sale Expert ask’s if the GSEs are going back to subprime financing?

An autumn chill sneaked into the property for sale orange county, freezing the average residence cost listed below the $600,000 limit touched briefly previously this year and keeping a lid on sales.

The average cost of an Orange County residence– or cost at the midpoint of all sales– was $585,000 last month, CoreLogic DataQuick reported Monday.
That’s up $35,000 from September 2013 for a 6.4 percent year-over-year acquire, DataQuick amounts show.  However it’s down $5,000 from August. Orange County’s mean cost generally dips around 1.3 percent from August to September as kids return to school.
September saw 2,980 Orange County houses, condominiums and also townhomes change hands, 64 systems greater than in September 2013.

The 2.2 percent rise was the very first year-over-year acquire in 12 months, however was due generally to the huge come by transactions that happened in late 2013 because of rising home loan prices and also lowering purchasers able to pay last year’s ballooning home rates.

September’s sales total amount was 34 units listed below August’s– again, normal for this time around of year. DataQuick amounts show that September sales fall around 10.4 percent from August to September.
Regionwide, the Southern California mean cost was $413,000, up 8.1 percent, DataQuick stated. Last month was the initial time in more than two years that none of the Southern California’s 6 regions uploaded double-digit year-over-year rate gains.
“Price appreciation has dipped into single-digit territory as even more would-be customers obtain priced out, financiers back off and also incomes increase modestly at most effectively,” DataQuick Analyst Andrew LePage stated.

Irvine Renter 11 Astute Observations

Mel Watt revealed a variety of changes created to release the credit report box and also promote borrowing. This does not suggest a go back to subprime.
Those people that viewed the real estate bubble in addition to breast and extensive it’s reasons are significantly worried for going back to the heartbreaking loaning methods of the past. Although some degree of credit rating report aiding to release was unavoidable, the last thing any type of one of us should want to watch is a go back to careless subprime loaning, especially since the United States Taxpayer is responsible for all the losses.

Recently’s statement of launching requirements at the GSEs thrilled everyone in the realty market. Lenders, real estate professionals, as well as homebuilders all are glad the chance to shut additional deals, yet prior to they commemorate, they should take an exceptional check out exactly just what was in fact announced as a result of the fact that none of it will certainly have much influence on the industry.
Mel Watt and Julian Castro expose property plan alterations
Sarah Wheeler, October 20, 2014
… Watt mentioned that the FHFA was explaining the Representations as well as Warranty Framework to help reduce repurchases.

“We realise that the Representation and Warranty Framework did not offer sufficient top quality to make it feasible for loan provider to understand when Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac would exercise their option to need repurchase of a funding. And also, we know that this concern has really added to lending institutions imposing credit past overlays that raise the cost of lending as well as restrict providing to customers with much less as compared to best credit scores or with much less standard monetary circumstances.”.

Watt mentioned the FHFA’s modifications consist of simply pointing out life-of loaning exemptions, which fall under 6 groups: loan_qualification.
1. Misrepresentations, misstatements and also non inclusions.
2. Information mistakes.
3. Charter compliance problems.
4. First-lien leading concern as well as title matters.
5. Lawful conformity offenses.
6. Unwanted home mortgage items.

For financings that have currently made repurchase comfort, Watt mentioned that just life-of-loan exclusions could trigger a repurchase under the Reps and guarantees structure.
In one of one of the most significant policy adjustments, Watt revealed that the FHFA is establishing a minimal number of financings that should be identified with misstatements or information inaccuracies to trigger the life-of-loan exemption, to make certain that the GSEs will absolutely be responding to a pattern of misrepresentations or information blunders, not just outliers.
The FHFA is additionally consisting of a “significance” demand to the misstatement and also inaccuracies implying to make sure that GSEs could possibly take into consideration whether the blunder would definitely have protected against moneying the funding at the front end.
Watt asserted the GSEs would certainly be announcing additional information on adjustments related to representatives as well as guarantees in the near future, including: two_years.
Establishing an independent dispute resolution procedure.
Recognizing solution systems as well as alternate treatments for lower-severity financing problems.
Repairing representations as well as solution guarantees.
Transforming compensatory charges in addition to repossession timelines.
… “I wish our activities offer appropriate surety to enable your company to reassess existing credit report overlays and even a lot more highly make responsible financings available to creditworthy customers. This will certainly lead to a real estate market that is not simply much better for debtors, yet additionally a lot better for the Enterprises along with loan provider and also helpful to our nation, Watt specified.
Castro explained HUD’s technique to expand ease of access to credit history with its Blueprint for

Access projects:
Overhauling the Single Family Housing Policy Handbook to provide loan provider clearness on policies and also conformity. Presenting the Supplemental Performance Metric to record a more in-depth perspective of a lending institution’s portfolio efficiency, contrasting lending carriers on their efficiency with others doing business in specific credit guide ranges.
Redrafting the Loan Defect Taxonomy to enhance 99 numerous codes straight into 9 categories of funding troubles.
Starting a Ginnie Mae aviator program to provide smaller sized loan provider more access to the added market.
These changes will certainly be welcomed with a great deal of enjoyment in the market as well as partially improve loaning as it makes clear the limitations, yet it doesn’t materially change anything.


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Branden Chhuor Reviews

  • Branden Chhuor Yelp Reviews

    Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business’s overall star rating according to Yelp, however, Branden does not advertise on Yelp and therefore Yelp has a reputation of being slightly biased on their public review choices.  We feel obligated to report all the reviews.

    Jason Towe J.Brandon is a five-star chores. He acts both as my financial advisor and my realtor. It is not too often you can have someone that can do all that. The good thing is he’s aggressive yet very tactful in decisions.

    If you live in orange county I look into your soul your house or purchase a new one his CPA background is extremely helpful I have to seriously recommend this guy .

    Ask yourself this question before choosing a realtor , how is this person qualified for being a realtor in one of the most expensive areas in the world. Was that realtor successful in that era we went to the financial crisis or are they successful now?


    I am new to Yelp but not new to real estate.  branden is in a league of his own when it comes to knowledge and customer service.  I have utilized his cap backed investment suggestions two times and I have been delighted.  I would highly suggest that if your looking for a property at any stage, that you let a real educated pro, not just a realtor, help you in this huge financial decision.


    If your looking for a good real estate agent you need him. More concerned about you finding the right property . We highly recommend you consider him as your adviser and real estate agent…5 stars all the way! Really really amazing!!!!


    Branden is a class act and really knows his stuff.  He gave me around and credible advice.  It doesn’t hurt that he is a CPA as well.  I would highly recommend this professional property for sale expert.


    Property for Sale Expert – I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Branden Chhuor from EverGreen Realty.  As a fellow broker I was very impressed with his overall command of the financial aspect of purchasing a home because of his extensive CPA background.  I would highly recommend.